Accounting & Bookkeeping Practices Support Our qualified professional staff supports our clients liquidly needs: - Avoid workloads in your financial accounting and payroll section.

Define General ledger, Assets registers, Loans manager. Investment ledgers.

Issue the report of financial statements, balance sheet Interim and end year..

Prepare income tax return for individual and co-opporate (netfile).

Accounting Compliance and report offers support with legal changes and implementation of new regulations by providing practiced assistance..

Payroll compliance and it regulations Calculating deductions, working hours, benefits and allowances

Calculating and remetting payroll deductions.

Information for employees such as T4 , T4 summary and T4 information return.Issue ROE to terminated employees

Represent you in dealing with CRA .

Setting up payroll accounts in quickbook, simply accounting and excel.

Income tax return Personal tax, Coproration, Partnership, subcontract payment.

Free to fill income tax return for student, individuals and families total income of $25,000 (E-file service) .

Preparing income statement, balance sheet and filing corporation income.

Setting up and adjusting the business accounts at the year end .

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